Dating old bottle marking canadian

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While it reportedly lost its ethanol content, analysis is consistent with at least part of the liquid having been wine. 27–66 AD), in his work, Satyricon, writes of plaster sealed bottles, and this one is analogous.

The use of glass in the bottle is unusual, however, as typically Roman glass was too fragile to be dependable over time.

Like Scotch, most Canadian whisky’s are aged in used bourbon or sherry casks.However, there is more to this spirit than meets the eye.Here are the basics: Canadian whisky must be aged for at least three years, most are aged 6 to 8 years (Canadian Club, Seagram’s VO) and double distilled.The very bottom of the label reads as follows: 75cl Gay Lussac 43 followed by a degree symbol.This seems to be a rare bottle and I wondered if you had any information or pricing on it.

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