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Models for the formation of the high-amplitude (minimum 15 km), long wavelength (120 km) granitoid dome-and-greenstone syncline geometry of the Archaean East Pilbara Granite–Greenstone Terrane (EP) of the Pilbara Craton are controversial.

Diapiric models ascribe most structural features to vertical re-organisation of an inverted crustal density profile created by autochthonous magmatic processes during punctuated episodes of partial convective overturn of the upper and middle crust.

Rather, an integrated model of punctuated partial convective overturn of the upper and middle crust in response to dominantly magmatic processes is presented to explain the ca.

Manisa Fault Zone (MFZ) is an active structural discontinuity that is geomorphologically expressed as a trace of north-facing Quaternary fault scarps bounding the southern margin of the Manisa basin which is subsidiary to the Gediz Graben.

In this study, we present the geologic, geomorphologic, and palaeoseismologic observations indicating Holocene activity on the western section of the fault zone.

We identify that the MFZ, at its western end, consists of three fault segments which are en échelon arranged in left step; the fault segments show evidence for linkage and breaching at the relay ramps. In front of this fault, two Holocene colluvial fans older of which is uncorformity bounded are cut and displaced by the syntethic faults.

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We note that the present-day fault trace is over 50 km long from Manisa city in the northwest to the Turgutlu town in the southeast.

The MFZ consists of two major sections: (i) eastern section that strikes NW-SE direction in the south and bends into an approximately E-W direction around Manisa to the northwest, (ii) an approximately 10-km-long western section that strikes approximately WNW-ESE direction from Manisa city in the east to the Akgedik town in the west.

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Archean granitic domes and intervening volcano-sedimentary basins are commonly interpreted as the product of “sagduction”, a process involving the gravitational sinking of surficial greenstone cover sequences into narrow belts and the coeval exhumation of deeper granitic crust into broad domes.

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