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Kismet lets you know when your Facebook, Twitter, and i OS device contacts are nearby, so you can share face-to-face.

As an i OS app trying to bridge your online social networking communication with your out and about, daily human interaction, Kismet uses simple, no frills interface to get you hooked up and engaging in real talk quickly and easily.

In her mind's eye, she saw countless, branching possible realities, all different. Link to sources for confirm-able information, separate unconfirmed in a different section, RL Card References in a third, and Art References in a fourth.

The sons and daughters always found loving husbands and wives, the family farming business always seemed to have exactly what goods were in highest demand that season, and when a deadly disease was plaguing the town, it was an Adhin who noticed that a stray cat which had drank from the well was now dead.

“It has to feel good in your belly or else you’re just opening for the sake of opening something,” says Brace-Lavoie of the location. And we want to stick around for the next 15 years, not just be cool and trendy.

We kind of want to be old school, and grow old in the building.” The little space will make way for Bar Kismet—a 30-ish seat restaurant with a focus on seafood and a thoughtful bar program—in June.

She also understands why your personal life has suffered but won't judge you for it.

Time is precious and Mell gets that your private life is just that.

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