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Because the vast majority of triple X females are never diagnosed, it may be very difficult to make generalizations about the effects of this syndrome.The samples that were studied were small and may be nonrepresentative.

; ; This picture explains it better than I can: ; https://raw2.github.com/mediocregopher/diamond-square/master/resources/; ( ; ; == The Strategy == ; We begin with a vector of vectors of numbers, and iterate over it, ; filling in spots as they become available. There is no known code for catching shiny Pokemon for the GSSP. If I catch a Pokemon, is there a way for it to have perfect DVs? The Dvs of Pokemon are random for evey Pokemon even if its the same kind (ex. The DVs are randomly placed when a Pokemon is captured, so there is no known code for making it have PERFECT DVs. If you wish to use this, or part of this FAQ for your site, contact me at: E-mail: [email protected]: iceclimber96 Before e-mailing me, make SURE that the code you are looking for is not listed. If not, I will answer it via e-mail assuming it isn't answered elsewhere in my FAQ. I am not responsible for lost data or corrupted games. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- FAQs ---------------------------------- Q. These codes are for use with and ONLY with a Gameshark SP device which is designed specifically for the Gameboy Advance SP. These codes will NOT work with your Gameshark for Gameboy or Gameboy Color, or any other device INCLUDING Game Shark Advance. ---------------------------------- Disclaimer: Some of the codes are not officially released codes.

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