Who is michael dating from bachelor pad

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“We knew that we wanted to wait a tiny bit after we got married,” says Stagliano, who now works as a TV writer.“As soon as we got to hold [our niece] Addison, that gave us a little bit of baby fever.” “[Their son] Austin was born in March and our little guy will be here in early November, so they’ll be close in age,” adds Emily, 31, who also admits to being a “type-A planner.” And while Stagliano is feeling “great,” so is Emily.

And – several different sources are confirming that contestant Michael Stagliano had a girlfriend that’s not from the franchise prior to going on the show. it’s crazy what these reality “stars” will do for a little extra screen time!

Then, he broke up with her (some girl named Emily from Chicago) so that he could be legitimately single while on the show. Also, it would seem that Rachel Truehart is a bit (understatement) upset that Michael led her to believe he went on BP3 looking for love (and seemed to at least pretend to find it with her) only to later find out that he had feelings for someone off-screen the entire time they were filming. ) If I were Emily OR Rachel, I’d be a bit disappointed in our fair Stags!!

And then, when he was booted from , he immediately picked things back up with this Emily and they’re still dating (and considering moving to be closer to one another) today. (Check out this deleted scene clip of Michael leading Rachel on….) I would have to bet that this “Emily from Chicago” is equally upset that Michael broke up with her to be single on a trashy reality TV show! Emily Cahill Emily Cahill chicago michael stagliano and emily michael stagliano and rachel truehart michael stagliano bachelor pad michael stagliano chicago michael stagliano dating Michael Stagliano Emily Cahill michael stagliano emily chicago michael stagliano girlfriend Michael Stagliano Rachel Truehart Michael Stagliano wife Rachel Truehart who is michael stagliano dating Anytime! You said it perfectly when you stated he is not a rock star and it is embarrassing to see a guy lead a girl like Rachel on and deny he started something before filming in order to get a little screen time.

Mike Weir is making headlines in "The Bachelor" world.

Yes, you read that right, "The Bachelor," as in ABC’s longstanding dating reality television show.

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